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let me have the ice cream its my birthday i don’t care about the calories


let me have the ice cream its my birthday i don’t care about the calories

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Meet Jack O'Connell, the Unknown Actor Angelina Jolie Cast As Her Leading Man →


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Stephanie Goode

Fragmented Memories: 2002–2012

Fragmented Memories began as a visual diary in Stephanie’s late teens. As each year progresses we watch characters and environs grow among vernacular and cultivated circumstance.

Largely influenced by the early stages by renowned photographers Nan Goldin and Uta Barth, Stephanie’s use of color and light play key roles in narration. Taking notes from Expressionism, she intends to create photographic works where emotion and meaning are discussed in lieu of stark realism.

Being that this evolutionary project has surfaced nearly ten years from its inception, she expects several more chapters to come, continuing the storytelling project.


Our fourth and final pick for Gyroscope!  A selection from this beautiful series is featured in issue two, alongside some other great work that we had the privilege of publishing.  Purchase one of the few remaining copies now and help us sell out!

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We all been black and blue 
Hearts beat, battered and bruised 
We all want to give love 
And to be loved 
Intention misconstrued 
A little bit confused 
We all want to be loved 
And to give love

the future we fear is the past we regret

the times that we forgive are the ones that we will never forget 

We all blemished just a little bit 
Lets never talk about nothing!

Worth we prop with our brains and our breath

the reflection in the mirror is the simplest one to protect 
Ain’t no room in my gut left for vanity 

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i think i can accurately say that i can crush a man’s head with my thighs

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Degree in Tumblr Tee!! 💻📱💖 GET IT AT!!


Degree in Tumblr Tee!! 💻📱💖 GET IT AT!!

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